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When ideas breed permutations, Cannalocks will bring those ideas to fruition.

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Bringing an extensive packaging background to the table, Cannalocks took the opportunity in the budding cannabis industry to pursue the task of providing quality, sustainable, child-resistant packaging design and supply chain solutions.

In 2017, we set out to bring ingenuity to the marketplace, providing fully customizable, eco-friendly, cannabis packaging, at scale, that could pass the rigid requirements of child resistance. After working on different variations of package design, in 2019, Cannalocks did just that. We brought to market the Signature Slider, a lockable, multi-use package that adheres to ASTM child-resistant standards

Our supply chain has a footprint that spans throughout the US, Mexico, and SE Asia for manufacturing, making our pricing some of the most competitive on the market.

Cannalocks design team is in constant development of bringing new, state of the art locking systems and closures to cannabis packaging so that they can set your brand and products apart from the pack.

As everyone is looking forward to federal legalization, Cannalocks’ goal is to produce the most unique and viable cannabis packaging that can serve the wholesale B2B community, while preserving what matters most; our planet.

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Andrew Nelson
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