Signature Slider

Cannalocks saw an opportunity to bring ingenuity to the marketplace, providing a dynamic, multi-application solution that could pass the rigid requirements of child-resistance.

Our mission was to create a reusable, locking, child-resistant package. Cannalocks developed the Signature Slider for market- a lockable, multi-use package adhering to ASTM D3475 standards.


We utilize custom designed inserts in our standard Signature Slider which can hold cartridges with size 510 threads. If the dimensions don’t fit your cartridge, please contact us for custom options.


Custom designed paper inserts to give your pre-roll a stylistic presentation.



Here’s answers to our most common questions

What are the inside dimensions?

Size 1- ID: 93mm x 58mm, Size 2- ID: 76mm x 50mm

What is the Signature slider made out of?

Recycled greyboard with a PET locking mechanism.


To find out more about how the signature slider can work for your product, contact us. 

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